Why we changed our name to Peski

Peski Studio 2021 Statement

We are now Peski Studio!
We were recently contacted by an Instagram user in Alaska asking us about the name Peskimo and its origins. The communication was made in the spirit of educating and informing. We are extremely thankful to them for starting the conversation and doing so in such a good natured tone. They pointed us to a number of articles discussing the term Eskimo, it’s history and the connotations surrounding it. In doing so we learnt that there are negative attitudes towards the term, especially amongst people in the Arctic regions. The last thing we want is for our name to be a cause of hurt. That is the very antithesis of our practice which we hope brings joy and fun into people’s lives. We’re therefore very happy to announce our decision to rename ourselves as Peski Studio, focusing on the playful cheekiness for which the name was originally intended. - Jodie & David
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